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White Supremacist Beginning To Think Tyler Not Supreme

White supremacist 3ST. LOUIS, MO – Prominent white supremacist Dan Donelan, whose faith in the superiority of white people shapes every facet of his life and behavior, may be reconsidering his beliefs based on local white teen Tyler – who is seemingly not growing up to be “supreme.”

“We like to give ‘em a few years to get past the awkward stage, and he’s white and everything, but is he…. Supreme?” Donelan asks. “My beliefs didn’t prepare me for this moment.”

Tyler, an aspiring photographer and ardent Simone Biles fan, isn’t yet aware of his community’s concerns. “White people are absolutely the best! But I think there’s room at the top for other races to be the best, too,” Tyler explains. “Like Simone Biles! She’s clearly the best in her field, and so smart in interviews.”

“His pride in his whiteness seems secondary to how much he wants to talk about Simone Biles,” Donelan wrote in a cautionary letter to Tyler’s parents. “If everyone else in our community is supreme, he’s a single topping. And it’s bell peppers.”

Tyler’s parents share Donelan’s concern, but are hesitant to push Tyler in any direction. “You know teenagers,” his mother insists. “When their parents want them to, suddenly it’s ‘not cool.’ They need to find white nationalism and violent hatred on their own.”

Donelan wants to address Tyler’s inclusion in (and possible exclusion from) their community activities at his next meeting. At that same meeting, Tyler intends to propose sending a group letter to Simone Biles.

“The way she’s fought so hard to get to where she is is really inspiring,” Tyler beams. “I think she could help rally our community when times are tough.” He is also bringing a poster to hang by their meeting’s snack table to remind everyone about the value of hard work and pride in oneself.

“And isn’t pride in yourself what white nationalism is all about?” He muses. “Yes. Yes it is.”     


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