Where Can I Get More Leah And Lia?!

Lia and Leah had the good fortune for their drunken one-night writing experiment in college to turn into a long-term committed comedy partnership. Their writing passions include just about anything involving sex, feelings, relationships, and the awkwardness along the slow transition to adulthood. They have a screenplay portfolio available for perusal. Lia and Leah would like to thank their current boyfriends, One Direction and Sauza silver tequila (respectively), for their love and support.

We’ve made sketches and a web series!

Another Sketch! And another! And another!

Leah has contributed to College Humor and Reductress

Lia has written videos for Screen Junkies The Dailies

We spent some glorious college years writing for Campus Basement

Lia Campus Basement archive

Leah Campus Basement archive

We contributed to an eBook! Included is uncomfortably personal information about both of us. Enjoy. (Click the image below)



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