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How To Make The Most Of Your Time Alone With Your Uterus Before Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

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Kamala is doing her best and public opinion isn’t currently glowing, but the political pressure on Republicans and legislatively hilariously easy path for Brett Kavanaugh makes his placement on the Supreme Court currently seem inevitable. So here are some fun date ideas to make the most of your remaining alone time with your uterus!

Have A Cozy Night In

An oldie but a goodie for a reason, a mini-staycation with your uterus is the best way to relax together. Snuggle up at home with some fluffy blankets, a steaming mug of winter spiced tea, and your old DVD of Mean Girls. Light some candles and laugh together over shared memories, like when you discovered what a cervix looks like, all that underwear she ruined, and sexual experiences you didn’t have to worry would change the rest of your life.

A Night On The Town

If $18 cocktails and late nights out are things you typically avoid because of the hassle, why not get a little romantic and splurge for you and your uterus before you have a new reason to avoid bars and staying out late in general when the federal government empowers men who do not believe in abortion even in cases of sexual assault? And the season for lavender cocktails is almost over, too! Yummy!

Try A New Flavor

Is there a restaurant you and your uterus pass by and wonder about every day on your way to work? An ice cream shop next to your post office? A new coffee place that just opened up? Finally give it a shot to jazz up a weeknight, after the job you haven’t had to worry about being jeopardized by a sudden loss of reproductive choices.

Get A Little Adventurous

New experiences and a little adrenaline can bond you to whoever you’re with, and a nearby bike or kayak rental can provide you with just that. They can also help you get used to the feelings of fear that will be a bigger part of your life when you wonder about Kavanaugh’s 100,000 withheld White House records that didn’t prevent his confirmation (presumably detailing the 100,000 times he made a “jerking off” motion whenever somebody said “Isn’t religious freedom meant for people besides fundamentalist Christians?”).    

But you can ALSO call your senators, text RESIST to 50409 to easily fax your representatives, sign Kamala Harris’s petition, protest, donate to Kamala Harris / ACLU / Planned Parenthood

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