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OPINION: I’m Writing In to Denounce The NYT Op-Ed Anomous…Anomously

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By now we’ve all seen– you’ve all seen it, haven’t you, the Op-ed? Yes. You’ve all seen it in the Failing New York Times. The Op-Ed was of course anomous…anomousss,  but listen folks, two can play that game! So I’m writing in to say what gutless, disgusting–they are gutless to do this against the great President Trump and I’m writing under the same cover of anomousness.

All this IMPEACH HIM!!! stuff is so ridicu…. we want to impeach him they say! Yeah. Yeah. Disgusting. I’m pretty sure I know who it is. We know who he is. Or she. Could be a she. They’re still anomous of course. Complete disgrace. This is what I have to deal with. But I said but the country’s doing better than ever. They love me. And he says they just don’t care. It’s important somebody says it, which is why I’m saying it anomonously.

Right? When you look at what’s happening with our military, we’re rebuilding. Everything is being made right here, the best. All right here in the united… it’s a disgrace. The so-called resistance is angry because it’s driving them crazy. Crazy! I feel safe saying this here because no one will have any idea who I am, that’s how anomousosity works. Strickly anomononous.

He was, nobody knows. Coward.


President Anomous

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