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CHILDHOOD RUINED: Olsens’ “It Takes Two” To Be Rebooted With All-Female Cast

Written by Leah Folta & Lia Woodward

it takes two best

The internet is in an uproar after this morning’s announcement that Warner Bros. greenlit an all-female reboot of beloved childhood Olsen twins favorite It Takes Two – re-ruining childhoods already devastated by the recent Ghostbusters movie.

Much of the outrage centers around the idea that two memorable roles from the 1995 classic –  namely Steve Guttenberg’s Roger Callaway and Philip Bosco’s Vincenzo the butler – will now be female characters joining the rest of the ladies in the film.

Philip Bosco’s Vincenzo the butler changed my life when I was a kid,” one outraged fan declares in a video critical of the announcement. “His take was completely original — he and Steve Guttenberg changed the genre. And by genre I of course mean Olsen-vehicle comedies of the 90s.”

Vocal fans of the original It Takes Two have urged the public not to support the reboot, which may lead to more. “What’s next?! 1994 classic How The West Was Fun with a female version of Martin Mull’s Bart Gafooley?!,” a particularly upset internet commenter writes. “Obscene.”

Thousands retweeted a tweet that urges, “This isn’t just any classic, this is ‘It Takes Two.’” But these movie fans will surely be disappointed about rumors that an all-female reboot of Driving Miss Daisy and the 2015 version of Annie are already in the works.

“I wouldn’t be mad if the It Takes Two reboot didn’t look like utter garbage,” one blogger writes. “Women just can’t play butlers.”     

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