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Time Traveler Who Planned Better Has Plenty Of Time To Explain

Time TravelerARCADIA, CA — A local teen struggling to make decisions about her future on Friday afternoon was visited by herself from the year 2028 and was pleased to find that she had plenty of time to acclimate to the situation. (As a minor, she remains anonymous.)

“I wish the media would stop and think for a second about how they portray time travelers,” she asked the press. “They travel through time. Why would they have to rush?”

When the anonymous teen’s future self, Jenny Vazquez, 28, arrived, she screeched up in a car and started to say “Get in! There’s no time to explain!” when she realized that wasn’t the case.

“I gave myself a couple months until my past self makes that TERRIBLE DECISION. So if she got overwhelmed or didn’t believe me, I had plenty of time to convince her,” Vasquez explained. “She can’t go to Katie’s parents’ lake house, can’t lose her virginity to Brett, and DEFINITELY shouldn’t wear the orange skirt on that last day of junior year, which all sounds weird. So thank god I have time to relay all the reasons that skirt will affect the future of Southern California as an independent country.”  

So for this anonymous local teen, it looks like at least one person’s future self is planning ahead – literally.     

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