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Nation’s Marginalized Citizens Sick Of Writing Think Pieces

Nations Marginalized.pngLOS ANGELES, CA – As the famous law of physics states, every ignorant public comment or piece of media released by a prominent figure has an equal and opposite reaction from the blogosphere. Unfortunately for physics, ignorant comment-saying and media creation requires much less energy than the necessary response to explain why it was degrading and ignorant.

“We are f–ing tired,” one prominent feminist outlet declared this morning. “Tired of explaining why so many people are terrible, and held to much higher standards of explanation and emotional control than those terrible people are for their points of view.”

Other think piece authors were quick to join in or point out that they’d said the same thing recently and been ignored. Disability advocates, LGBTAIQ representatives, Black Lives Matter activists, and more all agreed that it’s been a grind to repeat themselves.

“JUST BE A PERSON! Acknowledge the personhood of others! Stop being dicks!” was a banner at the top of a popular blog this afternoon in lieu of a scheduled post.

Though the various communities seem united in their frustration, that doesn’t mean their point of view is going away anytime soon.

“This is what the world is like when we’re constantly pushing back, and you’ve seen how THAT is. So we can’t stop,” explained a top writer. “We just… Needed to vent.”    

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