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This Woman Can Only Orgasm To New Info About Gilmore Girls Revival

GILGIRS.pngPASADENA, CA – The upcoming Gilmore Girls Netflix revival has aroused excitement in hordes of internet fans, but for one woman the arousal is literal – and not as fun as it sounds.

“It’s ruined my life, honestly, and I’m sick of hiding it,” Tasha Perkins, 41, revealed about her newfound affliction. “I can only, you know, get there when I get a piece of news about the GilGirs N-flix Rev. That’s what we Gil-Heads call it to save time.”

A quick Google search reveals that new articles about the revival come roughly every 16 hours, but Perkins says the interference of anyone else’s schedule makes her O-time overly difficult.

A local expert in sexual behavior, Mary Quarted of the UCLA Sexual Health, Behavior and Research Department, explains that any shifts in sexual needs or preferences tend to be psychological. “We here at the U-LA SexHeBeh and ResDep – what we call our department, to save time – haven’t seen conditions exactly related to GilGirs, but we have seen many similar cases. Professional help is definitely the best way to treat sexual dysfunction like this, or sexdys likethi.”

“I know I’ll never get professional help,” Perkins declared on Twitter this morning. “As a proud Lorelai, or Lor-Head, I am fiercely independent.”

Perkins’ main hope in sharing her story is to warn other Gilmore Girls fans about becoming too obsessive about the revival, and to be allowed to leave work to masturbate when news hits the web.    

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