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America At Nearby Bar For Birthday This Year If You Wanna Swing By

America At A Bar.pngPHILADELPHIA, PA. – Instead of hosting and cleaning up after another party in America’s apartment this year, she decided to have friends gather at a local bar.

“It’ll be really low key, feel free to roll through and leave whenever,” America announced in a Facebook event. “Parking’s pretty easy, the meters on the main street run until 8.”

America expressed worry that she forgot to invite anybody, but wants everyone to know it wasn’t intentional if they were left out.

America’s good friend Katie said she “hates bar birthdays,” and isn’t sure if she’s going to make it. “I’ll barely get to see America at all, it’s always so loud in there. And I got her a present! What am I supposed to do with that?”

America, surprisingly, was aware that her decision wouldn’t be popular with Katie. “We have 58 people who say they’re going, so I should have at least two friends to hang out with all night. It’s her decision, but I’ll be fine!”

Noticeably, Britain was invited and has still not RSVPed even though the invite says “seen,” but he’s been going through some stuff lately.     

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