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5 Celebrities That Had No Idea You Were Gay

Here are 5 stars that never could have guessed you were gay!

1) Ian McKellan


Famed actor Sir Ian McKellan gave a wise, knowing nod at the news that you are gay, always have been, always will be, and have no reason to hide, before responding, “I’ve known for years that Anderson Cooper was gay, I thought everybody knew, did they not?” After it was clarified that you were not Anderson Cooper but instead [your name] he blinked and replied, “Who?”

2) Portia de Rossi


The Arrested Development star was initially confused to hear that you’re a proud member of the gay community living life to the fullest, mostly because she had trouble placing how she knows you. Regardless, she eventually came around and applauds you.

3) Zachary Quinto


Spock was not aware of the rumors surrounding your sexuality, however he now knows your coming out had nothing to do with addressing those rumors but was in fact about “making peace with your family, friends, and yourself, whoever [you are].”

4) Ellen Page


Ellen Page, known for Juno and X-Men, never saw the various attractive members of the opposite sex you dated in the past, but is embracing the possibility of maybe seeing you with attractive members of the same sex in the future… assuming someone can show her your photo so she’ll know how to spot you.

5) Albus Dumbledore


Everyone’s favorite Hogwarts headmaster said it didn’t matter to him that you were some unfamiliar muggle, explaining, “I’m just pleased to hear [you] came out before J.K. Rowling had the chance to do it for [you].”

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