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4chan threatens Dave’s mom with leaked nudes over “take out the trash” speech

daveAfter planning a brave takedown of Emma Watson’s feminazi propaganda about freeing men from their own gender stereotypes, certain members of 4chan’s /b/ board announced they’re targeting Dave’s mom next.

“Women cry about unfair treatment, when Dave literally has to take out the trash?? Because his mom said so?”* posted one anonymous user about the incident. Many users rallied around Dave, who is 15, believing his situation to be a clear example for female oppression of modern-day men. 4chan’s brand of vigilante-humiliation-privacy-violation justice is now aimed squarely at the 49-year-old homemaker.

Dave’s mom, who mainly frequents allrecipes.com and lives an otherwise IRL life, has not yet responded to the threat about leaking her private pictures. Many /b/ members agree that she was “hot”* before she cracked down on Dave for getting to bed by midnight and taking out the trash.

In defense of their “nude pic leak” tactic, one user explained that, specifically in Watson’s case, “controlling women sexually is the best way to get them to shut up about sexist treatment. Sexism is dead! Clearly!”*

Many agree that they’re just banding together to fight a powerful female establishment. “Why do people, especially Dave, have to listen to Dave’s mom, but don’t listen to how we think all women are whores?”*

Of course, as with any large movement, there’s a degree of dissent. “Our message is not that all women are whores! Don’t listen to that guy. He’s just a fringe faction of the ‘Dave’s mom is a stupid whore’ movement.”*

Whatever the movement is exactly, it’s clear there’s a lot of rage coming from somewhere – and that Dave’s mom sucks. The “hacktivists” don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

“You don’t think men are oppressed?! As a man, I can’t go out on tumblr at night and feel like nobody will bother me.”*

“If all women aren’t whores, then why am I a virgin?”*

“The world is imbalanced now in favor of women. History will remember us as the Martin Luther Kings of 2014. Also, for our sweet League of Legends videos. Please subscribe.”*



*Rape threats, violent threats, the word “le,” and redundant “whore” synonyms edited out to preserve article length.

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