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10 Times Andrew Garfield Was Actually Your Boyfriend

Hey, let’s take a look at 10 times Andrew Garfield was actually your boyfriend!

1) This time, when he gazed adoringly into your eyes.


2) Or the time he teamed up with you, his significant other and famous peer, to outsmart the paparazzi by drawing attention to more important news.

Emma & Andrew Using Their Fame For A Good Cause

3) Remember when he looked great in a suit and was specifically with you and no one else on this red carpet?


4) How about the time Andrew Garfield filled the role of Spiderman AND your real life lover? He didn’t do that with just anybody.


5) Andrew Garfield looked very good shirtless while simultaneously being committed to you romantically.That kind of thing doesn’t come along every day.

Andrew Garfield;Emma Stone

6) The time Andrew Garfield showed his funny side on SNL and you two probably went home together after. Seriously, do you know how rare that is?


7) Whatever the hell is happening here, it’s without a doubt happening in public and as a couple. Treasure it.

emma stone andrew garfield 8

8) And this time. This one was definitely a time. Understand? Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

emma stone andrew garfield 7

9) Emma, never forget that moment Andrew Garfield sandwiched you between himself and Jamie Foxx and also was in love with you and hasn’t stopped loving you since. This is the real deal, Emma!


10) Emma. Please, listen to me. Andrew Garfield has been your boyfriend a lot of times, more than we can count. Even right now, as we speak, the times are just adding up. Wherever he is at this very moment, Andrew Garfield is in the middle of actively being your boyfriend. Now go to him!!!

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield engage in some PDA as they go for a romantic stroll in New York City

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