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Jeff Flake Forgoes Homemade Ghost Costume Under Which He’s Been Criticizing Trump For Months

Jeff Flake Ghost.png
WASHINGTON, D.C.– Senator Jeff Flake tweeted a stinging rebuke of President Donald Trump’s latest controversial comments Thursday, most notably without the homemade ghost costume Flake has been wearing since September and well past Halloween.

Sources say that Flake took off the billowy disguise (from under which he has been criticizing Trump for months) sometime soon after the midterm election results were announced but made clear there was no relationship between the two events. According to his staff, Flake simply could not stand by and let the President’s words go unchecked and felt compelled to once again unequivocally denounce them, but this time without being under a dingy, off-white sheet with eyeholes.

When asked where his ghost costume had gone, Flake appeared to be confused that anyone had been able to know it was him underneath the hand-cut sheet all those weeks.

“I was absolutely not trying to hide, that is absurd,” Flake insisted. “I just felt a lot better taking a stand for this country’s principles with it on for a little while there, and now that it is mid November I don’t need it anymore.”

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