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Things You Missed In The Darkness On This Week’s Game Of Thrones (SPOILERS)

This week’s Game of Thrones episode faced criticism (answered directly by its cinematographer) in some circles that its lengthy battle scenes were too dark to see. If you were one of the unfortunate viewers whose monitors, living room lamps, and gap-fraught blinds impeded your vision, we’ve highlighted some of the important details that were easiest to miss.

1) In this quick shot, you may have noticed an impromptu battlefield wedding between Tormund and Ser Brienne.

Impromptu Wedding

2) Blink and you miss it – but here is a still of what appears to be Arya’s virginity running off into the night.

Arya's Virginity


3) Some squinting viewers might think this was an important clue shrouded in darkness, but it is actually just a zombie.

Actually just a zombie

4) In the distance, above the clouds, you may have spotted this creature – possibly some sort of dragon.



5) Among the fiery trebuchets, it was easy to overlook the cannon Samwell Tarly loaded himself into before he fired his body at the hordes of undead (and surprisingly, still lived).


6) This is Gilly.


7) While viewers were frantically trying to close all the blinds and dim the lights, they definitely missed the long anticipated dance fight between Jon and The Night King in this scene.

GOT dance fight


8) This is the shot where Bran can be seen doing something useful. Too bad we’ll never know what it was!

GOT bran

9) Down in the shadowy crypt, it was virtually impossible to catch Sansa, Tyrion, and Missandei playing an entire game of Monopoly in real time.

GOT - monopoly

10) Eagle-eyed viewers with night vision were able to spot that Arya killed the Night King. Quite the Easter egg!

GOT arya kills night king

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