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Mom Would Have Preferred Beto O’Rourke Not Said F Word


EL PASO, TEXAS– After Democrat Beto O’Rourke passionately told supporters in his concession speech that he was “so  f—ing proud of you guys” for what they accomplished in the ultimately unsuccessful but admirably fought battle against incumbent Senator Ted Cruz, local mom Judy Veranda voiced her mild disapproval of Beto’s use of the F word.

“I know he’s fired up but is it really necessary?” asked Veranda as her family watched the rest of O’Rourke’s speech on TV, post F bomb. “He’s very smart, there’s just no other words he could use?

Veranda went on to offer up some alternatives for O’Rourke that would have been preferable. “How about: I’m so, SO SO proud of you guys!” Veranda suggested, “or I’m sooooooooo proud! That’s just as good. That’s what I would say.”

At press time the rest of Veranda’s family appeared to have moved on from the uncensored expletive on the live broadcast while their mom Judy had not. However, the family is expected to soon concede that yes, Beto probably could have used a better word and will surely do so in the future.

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