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Trump Supporters Need Increasingly Extreme Rhetoric In Order to Get Off, Study Finds


EVERYWHERE, U.S.– A new study published Friday found that Trump supporters require increasingly extreme rhetoric over time in order to get off. Reaching back as far as 2011, the study closely examined how Trump supporters– once adequately satisfied with controversial (racist) statements questioning President Barack Obama’s citizenship in the United States– have habitually needed more and more extreme rhetoric surrounding anyone different from themselves as time passes in order to achieve sexual gratification. The disturbing pattern does not appear to be letting up any time soon.

“We’ve seen consistent escalation in the extreme rhetoric that Trump supporters consume,” explained Dr. Timothy Gibbons, author and researcher on sexual behavior. “Over the course of the study, they spent even more time consuming this rhetoric and eventually began seeking out new extreme genres of the stuff because what used to do it for them wasn’t doing it anymore.”

Dr. Laura O’Neal, who co-authored the study, explains further. “The rhetoric we’re seeing Trump supporters get off on now has followed a path intended to shock, surprise, and violate cultural expectations of decency and morality in order to chase arousal,” she says. “And the demand is being met, hard.”

One particularly interesting finding from the study was the concentration of escalating extreme rhetoric consumption in traditionally Christian areas . “Some might not expect this kind of stuff from religious people based on some of the core beliefs they express,” says O’Neal, “but the wild rhetoric they’re into tells a very different story.”

Gibbons and O’Neal conclude this pattern of seeking and consuming increasingly extreme rhetoric has led to engaging in dangerous behavior that threatens public safety, all in pursuit of a brief release on November 6th.

“Another problem we’re finding is that once Trump supporters get too dependent on this rhetoric to meet their needs, they’re unable to get that satisfaction from anything or anyone in reality,” says Gibbons. “It’s just really out there, deviant stuff you and I can’t even imagine becoming normal and acceptable for them all day, every day. Very isolating.”

The researchers urge Trump supporters and anyone else tempted by the increasingly visible rhetoric to pump the brakes and seek healthier ways to get off “before any more people get hurt.”

The study also noted that Senator Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan’s feverish pursuit of more and more extreme interpretations of the United States Constitution  to achieve sexual satisfaction have been escalating at a similar rate.


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