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Woman Convincingly Hiding Reaction To $800 Price Tag Sparks Early Oscar Buzz

woman wearing black supreme sweater

Photo by Ivan Obolensky on

Local woman Shannon Ethers, 30, earned herself early talk of an Oscar nod after her performance at a boutique lingerie shop where she convincingly reacted to an $800 bra like it was no big deal.

Ethers had reportedly never intended to go into the previously unnoticed shop but popped into the store on a whim because of the “sale” sign posted out front. According to Ethers, she picked up a price tag on one particular “cute and fun-looking bra as evidenced by its extra straps” just out of curiosity before discovering the handwritten price of $800 and deftly continuing to look around the high-end store as if everything was totally fine.

A lesser performer might have gasped, dropped the tag as if they had just been burned, or audibly thrown-up a little but Ethers’ impressive commitment to looking like someone who was totally unbothered (bored, even) by the prices she didn’t even know were possible for underwear has critics raving about her sure chances in the next Oscars race.

Upon being approached by one of the boutique’s friendly managers, Ethers reportedly replied that she “was finding everything just fine, thank you” in a totally natural, believable way as she continued to look like she might buy something instead of pass out in the middle of the store. Ethers’ captivating turn as someone who had any business being in this boutique lingerie shop went on for an entire ten minutes before she casually wandered out and secured her spot in this year’s Best Actress category.

According to critics, there are also early rumblings of a Best Supporting Actress nod for the other woman in the shop who asked for the price on an unmarked black lace bralette, heard it was on sale for $550 and politely nodded as if that wasn’t completely insane before returning it to its rack and quickly leaving.

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