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Members Of Gender That Comprises 80% Of Federal Lawmakers Protest For Equality In Movie Screenings

wonder-woman-1-1475246469.pngINTERNET, USA — “This is America. I was told I can be anything when I grow up, and doesn’t ‘anything’ include an attendee at select screenings of Wonder Woman in one city in Texas?” tweeted activist Ben Reely (@womenaretheoppressive-gender) Thursday morning. He’s one of nearly dozens of protesters voicing their grievances about what he calls a “death blow to the logic behind women’s rights.”

“They want an equal voice in government?? Where is their outrage that I, 24-year-old moderator of three different reddit forums, would be unable to attend some screenings of one movie in Austin, if I ever went there?” Reely continued. “Male supremacists– I mean, men’s rights activists — have more fuel for the fire than ever.”

Reely, like many of his supporters, wants the hypocrisy of feminism and men’s fight for true equality to be recognized. “A threat to equality for men watching Wonder Woman in Austin is a threat to equality for men everywhere.”     

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