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Yahoo! Answers Releases Advice Book Titled HELP PLEZ!!: how does babby get inside stomache?! And Other Dilemmas

Due to popular demand, the trusted section of Yahoo! entirely dedicated to all of the world’s questions has finally come out with a collection of its most tried and true advice in the book appropriately titled, HELP PLEZ!!: how does babby get inside stomache?! And Other Dilemmas

With this new book, readers can find the answers to life’s most burning questions all from the comfort and privacy of their own home. But how is this different than visiting the popular website, you ask?

“It’s a book. With pages. Plus we wanted to respond to a question that said something like ‘how to read the internet on tren or buss?’” says the editor who compiled the collection and asked to remain anonymous. “HELP PLEZ!! is the answer for the non-phone-having-but-still-internet-reading person.”
Anyone who purchases this book can discover the answers to anything from, “Is it normal for my 2 year old to beat me up?” to “Is Maggie Alannis a stupid name?” In case you’re wondering, the stellar answer to that one from Kevin7 is “I do not like it.”
Thank you, Kevin7. Now we all know.

HELP PLEZ!! also features an entire chapter on medical counsel, with everything you could possibly need to self diagnose that weird thing you’ve been noticing on your leg. Just TRY not relating to any of the following questions:

condom breaks get burned
I am not ovulating

my thumbs hurt

extra skin on penis

stand up after sleeing

period come early

werewolf during sex

inverted nipples
And no, you’re not imagining it. That’s James Franco sharing on behalf of all boys.

james franco response

We’ve all been there. Now that you’ve swiftly and cost effectively concluded that your symptoms are definitely life threatening, you can get to more pressing matters, like:

revenge on my landlord

electrocute someone

fine dining chefs sexy

am i in a relationship

what will happen to me

ask to the water park

rude to friend at mom's funeral


who has a loot of money?

ghost friend

HELP PLEZ!! Isn’t afraid to answer your most personal, sensitive questions.

how do you hump a pillow
U just dont hump a pillow

Honestly, this thing pays for itself.

At press time there are reports that an undisclosed production company has already optioned the book for a movie deal, though development has been slowed for reasons under wraps.

Of course, one need look no further for how to speed things along than HELP PLEZ!!

call the police

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