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Senator Collins: “We MUST listen to women before we tell them it doesn’t matter.”

WASHINGTON D.C. – Senator Collins heroically addressed the Senate Friday to announce her intention to vote YES on Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, emphasizing that “we must listen to women before we tell them it doesn’t matter.”

In her passionate statement, Senator Collins bravely insisted, “we have to acknowledge the Me Too movement is real before we can comfortably ignore it.”

She also went on to describe all the women she listened to this week, some of whom were long-time dear friends. “I heard so many stories from women,” said Collins, “and we all need to hear them in full, no interruptions, to show them we care at a time that is earlier than when we show them we don’t care.”

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin seconded Senator Collins’ sentiments, saying “Understand this: I believe these women. Understand this next: I can’t let stuff like that distract me from relating to an angry man.”

Collins implored her colleagues and the American people to listen to women and their painful stories, believe them, and then list off the glowing accomplishments of the men in those stories afterwards. “We’re in a new era where women can come forward and have a voice chronologically preceding our grasps at any excuse to get around that voice.” Collins also made it clear open displays of partisanship, dishonesty, and unfit temperament for the Supreme Court have “just as much importance in her decision as believing women.”

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