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OPINION: I Was One Of 24% Of Americans Who Approved Of Nixon As He Resigned

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 8.33.13 AMDonald Trump’s approval rating is currently at a new low, 33%, but many Americans are baffled that that number is so high. Well, as one of the 24% of Americans who still approved of President Nixon after a 14-month investigation and his subsequent synonymity with the idea of a lying, crooked politician, I am here to tell you that it’s not that weird.

Many Americans feel – and have felt since the election – that it’s “obvious” Donald Trump is a bad president, or a liar, or a partially deflated car dealership mascot balloon that keeps coincidentally making racist noises out of its mouth as it deflates. But where did they get that idea? Like Nixon’s vice president Spiro Agnew said, it’s possible the “liberal eastern media” (or “Jewish people,” for short) is being unfair to the president. Sure, that idea turned out to be not true and racist, but plenty of Americans believed it when he said it (a third!), so can we really discount it? Is it really a coincidence that “fake news” seems to plague this possibly-not-super-corrupt president, too?

I also am reluctant to pull my support from a president because he could focus on his job if we’d just leave him alone. Sure, Nixon did things like create the EPA, lower the voting age, end the draft, begin affirmative action, and attempt to create universal health care, and I am unsure at this point what Trump may have accomplished besides eroding all those same things in one way or another, but who knows what he could do if we blindly supported him for a while? Not me, until we do it for at least nine or ten years!

And, like Nixon, public opinion of many things changes in hindsight – opinion of the civil rights movement has only gotten more positive over time from when 60% of white people disagreed with it, for instance – so maybe Trump will be more civil-rights-ian and less Nixonian. Sure, he appears to be the dumbest president we’ve ever had now, but have you ever stopped to consider that maybe he is not? Hmm?

After 45 years of reflection, I’ve been made fun of a lot by my family and friends for still supporting President Nixon at the time of his resignation, but when we were in the thick of things, I was very sure. I thought there might be something fishy when he was being investigated, but I wasn’t sure. I thought there could possibly be something incriminating going on when he resigned, but I wasn’t sure. Now that we have another Republican president embroiled in scandal openly blaming the liberal media (or “Jewish people,” for short) for his troubles, I’m ready to give it one more shot – and I think history will vindicate me this time.      

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