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Most Popular Baby Names Inspired By Stranger Things

Stranger_Things_logoThanks to the overwhelming popularity of Netflix’s Stranger Things, we’ve seen a spike in babies with names that clearly took some inspiration from the hit show. If you’re looking for a fun baby name from your favorite bingeathon, here’s a list of the most common names this year to come out of Stranger Things!

  1. Mike – Overwhelmingly the most popular, probably because it’s impossible not to recognize this is a reference to Stranger Things!
  2. Clarke – Clearly inspired by everyone’s favorite character, Mr. Clarke!
  3. WILL!! – Parents are now opting to spell this name the Stranger Things way!
  4. Stranger– This lovely nod to Stranger Things is the first word of the show’s title
  5. Shadow Monster – Gender neutral and sort of a firsty-lasty
  6. Papa– For boy, or Mama– For girl
  7. Cool Girl–  Also for girl, but if she’s going to be cool
  8. Nougat– Fun fact: the Nougat in the show was played by a Nougat in real life!
  9. Daenerys Targaryen– A little obscure, this was the name of the only female scientist at the Hawkins Lab
  10. Detective Hopper– Of course we have future high school graduating classes full of Detective Hoppers to look forward to!
  11. BarbBob – Looks like proud nerd parents are taking a page from Albus Severus!
  12. Billy’s Earring– The alternative option of the bunch that still totally works
  13. Easy Peasy– There was no way Easy Peasy wasn’t making the most popular Stranger Things baby name list!
  14. Paul Reiser – Paul Reiser was played by twins in Stranger Things!
  15. Self-Aware-But-Not-Self-Aware-Enough Regressive 80s Gender Dynamics– This name just screams “your parents must have loved Stranger Things!”

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