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Oscar’s Big Night with That Girl He’s Been Seeing: Best, Worst, and Weirdest Moments

a night at oscar's
After weeks and weeks of building it up, Oscar Meene’s most anticipated event of the year finally commenced this past Sunday night when Amy Offner, that girl he’s been seeing for a little while, came over to watch the Academy Awards at Oscar’s invitation and wound up staying overnight for the first time since they began dating sometime early January. Though the evening mostly went as expected, some surprises and emotional moments still managed to sneak in there and made for an experience to remember. Without further ado, here are the best, worst, and weirdest moments from Oscar’s big night with Amy.

The Best

  1. All of Oscar’s roommates stayed out extra late so he and Amy could be alone for awhile even though they all had work in the morning. That was really cool of them. A whole ‘best list’ could be made out of Oscar’s cool, understanding roommates.
  2. Oscar managed to make Amy laugh with his decent Benedict Cumberbatch impression. Works every time.
  3. After the best picture announcement Oscar offered to refill Amy’s water glass, at which point Amy went a little off script by saying “thanks, I’m good” and pulling Oscar in for a bold kiss. Even better was Oscar’s enthusiastic show of support for Amy’s unapologetic statement.
  4. While they were making out in Oscar’s room, Amy made quite a show of ripping open Oscar’s snap-button-down shirt in one swift motion. It was obvious she was having a lot of fun with it.
  5. How about that awesome Lego set on Oscar’s nightstand? Hilarious.
  6. Just before things got past the point of no return, Oscar delivered an unexpected, kind of awkward and rushed but heartfelt speech about health and safety and the importance of communication which really moved Amy and changed the tone of the whole thing.
  7. Later in the evening the biggest and arguably most talked about surprise of the night arrived when Oscar was really down to do that thing Amy has always wanted to try but was too awkward to discuss. Until now. What a triumphant performance!
  8. Three words: Oscar’s. Cuddling. Skills. No wonder Amy’s into him.
  9. Amy came prepared with her own toothbrush and extra underwear. You go, Amy!
  10. The next morning Oscar and Amy shared goofy smiles over a quick breakfast before kissing bye and rushing off to work with plans to “do this again soon.” What a well deserved and long overdue win for both of them!

The Worst

  1. Oscar’s arm around Amy got numb around the 75 minute mark of the ceremony. He struggled internally about whether or not to ask for his arm back until he couldn’t feel his fingers.
  2. The state of Oscar’s shower. When will he learn?
  3. While the lights were off, Amy hit Oscar right in the eye. What a gaffe.
  4. We love Oscar, and he had his moments, but overall his hosting prowess was a little lackluster.
  5. No AC and a worthless ceiling fan made for a pretty controversial sleeping experience for everyone involved.
  6. Amy totally forgot to bring contact solution. Can you say uncomfortable?
  7. The moment when Oscar’s alarm went off really early the next morning on account of it being Monday.

The Weirdest

  1. Oscar’s large motivational poster of Mr. Rogers warmly looking down from the ceiling.
  2. What was Amy thinking when she said “pleased to meet you” to Oscar’s crotch?
  3. That high five that came out of nowhere.
  4. Amy’s uncontrollable… well we won’t embarrass her further.
  5. Oscar and Amy actually sat through the entire Academy Awards beginning to end before initiating any sexy time.

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