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Family Pretty Sure Dad Pretending to be Asleep During Risqué Sketches on SNL Christmas Special

snl christmas

Last week as the Dilling family gathered on the couch to enjoy the Saturday Night Live Christmas Special, Brianna Dilling, 24, and Luke Dilling, 22, couldn’t help but notice that their dad suddenly appeared to be in a deep sleep during each sketch that featured uncomfortable innuendos, according to reports.

Brianna and Luke confirmed that all family members were laughing and enjoying most of the jokes, “including when Will Ferrell was throwing up and ‘Christmas Time For the Jews’.” Things got tense however when everyone remained silent after an awkward sexual play on words uttered by Jimmy Fallon, but everyone was “definitely awake, including Dad,” though Brianna admits at that time she “did see Dad check his phone a lot.”

“Everyone was having a good time again until the one where Alec Baldwin, Molly Shannon, and Ana Gasteyer say ‘balls’ over and over, and I look over and see that Dad’s asleep all of a sudden,” said Luke. Their Dad reportedly kept his eyes closed throughout the entire sketch in spite of the loud, raucous laughter coming through the speakers and the volume being turned up.  According to Brianna, “I thought I even saw Dad smiling just a little bit, like he thought something was funny but didn’t want to admit it, but then it was gone.”

The adult children’s suspicions continued to grow as their Dad continued to look unconscious at the first mention of anything risqué only to be completely revived again once a new sketch began or the program had cut to commercial. Brianna and Luke’s dad reportedly did shift around and clear his throat during a musical pause in ‘D*** In A Box’ however once the song started up again he did not open his eyes until the digital short had definitely concluded.

At press time the Dillings have not asked their dad whether or not he was actually asleep but they have their doubts. According to Brianna, “I do wonder about it now and then. Maybe he thought he was doing us all a favor, who knows. Some questions must remain unanswered.”

Sources say that their mom, Susan Dilling, consistently had important business in the kitchen during each of the sexually suggestive sketches but would return coincidentally as soon as the bit ended.


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