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Guy who looks like Daniel Radcliffe happily accepts praise intended for Daniel Radcliffe

bank teller dan rad

Greg Cruz, a 27-year-old bank teller of Puerto Rican and Dutch descent, has been told by many people he looks like Daniel Radcliffe – including the strangers who mistake him for Daniel Radcliffe.

Cruz recalls a typical interaction from earlier today. “A little girl came to my teller window with her mom, and said ‘I love you, Harry Potter!’ I said ‘thank you, little girl. I did a good job in the Harry Potter movie.’”

“I don’t mind, it’s pretty nice,” he says of his oft-mistaken identity. “I don’t mind hearing that people think I’m the man, or still have a poster of me, or love me so much.”

Cruz even says, in many ways, he deserves the almost-daily compliments. “I like to think I’ve brought some amount of magic to the lives of children and young adults around the world, and have other good qualities. I often repost funny articles on my Facebook page, and am an attentive boyfriend. In high school, I got pretty good grades.”

Many might wonder – does Cruz use this power for evil, with the ladies? “They figure out pretty quickly when they talk to me that I’m not Daniel, or British, or rich. Me and my girlfriend met through eHarmony. She liked that we both listed Risky Business as one of our favorite movies, and that I am a Scorpio.”

When asked what else he has in common with Mr. Radcliffe: “We both hate getting mistaken for Elijah Wood,” he answered immediately. “Screw that guy.” leahandlia logo

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