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USC Student Section Unites to Form Perfect Rorschach Designs During Football Game

To everyone’s delight at each USC home football game, fans in the student section engage in intense teamwork to make giant artistic images out of colored tiles in the stadium. After this weekend’s spirited visual masterpiece, USC might want to consider changing its “Fight On” slogan to “&~`____*\”.


“I know it might look easy, but it actually requires a lot of skill to pull off art on this scale,” explains Kyle Gorss, a junior spirit leader who coordinates the breathtaking images. “Without the minimum four rehearsals a week, I don’t think we’d be able to pull it off as beautifully as we do.”


Gorss went on to explain that not just anyone can be part of the magic – participants undergo a rigorous audition process before they are brought on to the tile team.

“This is USC. We have really high standards,” adds Rhonda Bailey, a senior who has been holding up colored tiles during the games since last season. “We have to test to see if people can hear a basic command, look at the two sides of their tile, and respond by holding up the correct one until the next command is given. It’s a talent that can’t be taught. You’re either born with it or you’re not.”


Pictured: Born with it.

Week after week this group has brought one thought provoking work of genius after another to the LA Coliseum with each flawless image. Says Gorss, “We’re just getting started. We’ve got a lot of really cool ideas coming up.”

Insider Hint: it might be a butterfly or a horse throwing up, depending on the kind of person you are and your worldview. leahandlia logo

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