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Your Newsfeed’s Top Posts This Week

This whole newfangled business of “like”ing and “share”ing and basing your self worth on both might seem confusing, or scary. What do people “like” the most? Will anyone ever love you? Why do you feel so alone and cold in this unfeeling universe of digital friends who are all doing sexier, more fulfilling things than you are?

Here’s a list of what people responded to most this past week on your Facebook newsfeed! It might help you figure out at least one of those answers.

cat adj

CATS! It’s always cats.

Status: Attractive female excited for the weekend

Picture: Cute female got new haircut

Status: Person watched a show from the 90s and remembers watching it in the 90s

Picture: Attractive male is outside, making confused face at camera

Status: Person misses Breaking Bad

Status: Person misses childhood

Pictures: Your friend’s first 300 pictures of new baby

Status: Person is going to Vegas

Status: Person is studying abroad somewhere everyone else wants to be

Status: Something embarrassing but cute happened to well-liked person

Status: Person is confused by and denies responsibility for basic adult responsibility (making food, exercising, not eating whole package of Oreos in one sitting)

Picture: Cat in some autumn leaves

Picture: Cat and some food

Picture: Cat scared of something that humans don’t find scary

Picture: Cute female has new profile picture that shows off her cleavage/hair/butt/boyfriend/current foreign residence

Picture: Cute female got new haircut, also holding up a cat

Picture: Hot friend’s cute baby got a cute haircut based on a 90s TV show character, Breaking Bad is on a screen in the background and there is a cat

Status: Person’s cat Broke Bad

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Photo credit: Scott “Stallion” Shimizu

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