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TLC announces new show The Man with Roughly 132 lbs of “Ballsyness”

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An upcoming TLC special The Man with Roughly 132 lbs of “Ballsyness” will follow the serious story of Terry Thompson Sr, a man with a medical condition that left him with the “largest confidence in the world.”

In 2008, Thompson suffered a blow to what was then his “average sized, vulnerable ego” and sustained what doctors describe as, “some extreme emotional swelling.”

As time passed, Thompson’s boldness continued to grow at a dramatic rate, to the point where those around Thompson began to take notice.

“He just got braver and braver,” said Mindy Howard, one of Thompson’s coworkers. “He asked for another raise without batting an eye, started hitting on the prettiest, coolest girl in our office…. he was even comfortably talking to her and anyone who would listen about their future together. It was hard not to stare.”

Thompson’s sizeable level of confidence only continued to balloon.

“It got to a point where I couldn’t do basic everyday things without doing an impressively dangerous back flip or taking time to stand up for justice, no matter how difficult,” explained Thompson. “That’s when I knew something was up.”

The giant amount of bravado Thompson was hauling around with him everywhere he went became more and more of a strain, not to mention “super confusing” to look at. “It was affecting my whole life, it was hard to leave the house,” said Thompson. “I had to start wearing strange clothes just to accommodate my really big personality.”

Once Thompson was diagnosed with a rare condition that caused him to be what the medical community calls, “extremely ballsy,” doctors were able to successfully bring his overwhelming, “unbridled badassery” back down to a healthy size.

Months have passed since Thompson’s life changing procedure.

“Hopefully this TLC special will bring attention to something that isn’t in the least bit funny,” says a healthier Thompson. “I imagine TLC and the media will handle this story in a really classy, mature way. They’re known for that.”

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