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Cheating Scandal on The Bachelorette Shocks Fans


After millions of viewers watched Desiree Hartsock accept Chris Siegfried’s proposal on last night’s explosive finale of The Bachelorette, fans of the popular reality show were shocked when allegations quickly surfaced that the bachelorette herself was suspected of dating 25 different men throughout the taping of this season. Since the news broke, Desiree and Chris have kept a low profile, however show host Chris Harrison has been readily available for comment. As the shaken Harrison described it, “I’m just as shocked as everyone else. This revelation has been the most dramatic ever.”

According to behind the scenes sources on the show, from week to week Desiree “intermittently went on dates with one, two, and often times whole groups of these men at once.”

Kelly Mivler, a dedicated viewer of the show, expressed her outrage and disappointment on behalf of the entire Bachelorette Nation. “I can’t believe Desiree would do something like this,” Kelly sobbed. “She said Chris was the only one for her all along SO MANY TIMES last night. Now that we know she was with all these other guys at the same time, how are we supposed to believe her? I can imagine how Chris must feel. All of our hearts are broken.”

Initially reps for Hartsock tried to deny the rumors, however damning evidence quickly came to light. An inside source shared that “weeks and weeks, probably months worth of extensive, well-lit, and entertainingly edited video footage of Hartsock cavorting with men other than her newfound love Chris Siegfried made it impossible for Desiree to continue hiding the truth.”  Host Chris Harrison explained that “standing up so long to watch everything made it the most dramatic day ever.”

Reports say the footage showed Hartsock “publicly and privately doing every romantic thing anyone has ever considered trying, and then some” with the various attractive men. Whether it was holding hands and kissing at length, riding horses and serving children out of a snow cone truck, extending invitations to a special room where sex was strongly implied, or perhaps playing a game of soccer with professional female players thrown in to spice things up, Hartsock did it all. Host Chris Harrison sipped a glass of champagne before sharing, “this is the most dramatic drink ever.”

Hartsock even appeared to be in pretty serious relationships with several of the other men while she was supposedly falling in love with current fiance and Bachelorette winner Chris Siegfried.  Tears, plans for the future, and even confessions of love with the other men were all caught on tape with surprisingly excellent sound quality.

Somehow Hartsock managed to have these intensely private, tender moments with 25 different men in what appeared to be rather exotic settings, including Munich, Barcelona, Madeira, Antigua, and New Jersey, to name a few.

Sources say that dumping a flame or two (sometimes three) from week to week may have helped Desiree keep all of these relationships organized “without forgetting her true feelings that Chris was the one love of her life always.” It’s still unclear if Siegfried, the man Desiree described as “what she truly needed all along,” was aware any of this activity was going on, or how he will handle this devastating news going forward. Whatever Siegfried does, host Chris Harrison plans to go home and take “a long, well-deserved nap,” promising without a doubt his siesta, “will be the most dramatic. Ever.”

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