Advice / Weddings / Women and Men’s Tips and Ideas for a True Dream Wedding


Do you have dreams while you’re asleep? Are you also trying to plan an unforgettably original wedding? Moreover, have you been unable to find a list of wedding ideas bold enough to unite your dreams and your wedding plans into one? It’s time to put down your Pinterest and pick up this list of wedding ideas that dared to dream.

1) Save money on an expensive dress you’ll only wear once by not buying one at all. Instead, walk down the aisle in the most show-stopping outfit available in nature – the birthday suit. It’s timeless, unique, you won’t need any fittings or alterations, and all eyes will undoubtedly be on you in your very practical Naked Dream Wedding.

2) The second you get engaged, or even THINK you might get engaged eventually, cease any and all dental upkeep. Flossing, brushing, mouthwash, dentist appointments – throw it all out until the wedding, which ideally isn’t for another year or two or six. Time it just right so that your teeth fall out in the middle of your beautiful Teeth Suddenly Fall Out Dream Wedding

3) Add a little pizzazz to the tables at your reception by putting impossibly difficult Scantron tests and No. 2 pencils where each place setting would normally be. Inform your guests that the test is timed and that they must pass before they’re allowed to have dinner, drink champagne, eat cake, leave, etc. Time the test with fairly large (but tasteful!) stopwatches, which will also serve as your centerpieces that guests can later take home after the test is completed. Make certain no one is prepared ahead of time in order to pull off the Totally Didn’t Study For A Test Dream Wedding.

4) Make an unexpected statement by hiring someone to follow your groom around without telling him in advance. Have this person start out by subtly tailing your future spouse, gradually making the pursuit more and more obvious. Once the groom has figured out he’s being followed, have things escalate until your betrothed and his stalker have broken into an all out run. Friends and family will be talking about your I’m Being Chased Wedding for years to come!

5) Rent out a good sized cliff and have all your friends sit at its base while you, your love, and whoever’s officiating hook yourselves up to a hang glider. Check the winds, get a running start at the top of the cliff, and Pocahontas yourselves over the edge of that bad boy. All of your guests will be in awe as you fly off into marital bliss in this fun Flying Dream Wedding.

6) The more adventurous brides and grooms out there might be interested in a twist on the Flying Dream Wedding. Begin by following all of the steps explained above for the Flying Dream Wedding, but instead of the predictable ending where you maintain a steady altitude, see to it that something goes a little wrong. As your guests watch you plummet to what appears to be your untimely deaths, have your incredible hang gliding instructor execute an emergency landing that leaves everyone perfectly unharmed, albeit a little shaken. No one will be able to forget your Falling Dream Wedding, even if they want to!

7) For a wedding with a sense of humor, set off the sprinklers when your guests least expect it. Once everyone’s totally soaked and sharing a good laugh, thank everyone for coming to your Wet Dream Wedding, at which point everyone will undoubtedly laugh again.

8) If you want a wedding with an overwhelming amount of historical significance, look no further than the I Have a Dream Wedding. What you’ll need: over 250,000 guests, a brilliant, heroic Best Man, and one hell of a toast.

9) This next idea could be considered the thinking man’s dream wedding. This one requires a little extra set-up: create your guest list, then hand it to a team of experts led by Leonardo DiCaprio. He will then use a special machine to dive through a series of dream levels until successfully planting the idea in each of your guests’ minds that they should attend your wedding. Don’t forget to reward Leo by reuniting him with his kids! Bonus points if your guests leave the ceremony debating about whether or not your Inception Wedding was real.

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