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14 Surefire Ways to Seduce Yourself

Whether you’ve known yourself for a long time but are feeling a little distant lately, or you’ve just started noticing yourself but have been playing hard to get for weeks, it’s time to put these tips into action and change all that.

1) If you catch yourself at a party, think up something really intriguing while giving a sexy smirk, then saunter away. Confidence and a little bit of mystery are key when trying to attract yourself.

2) Use your own name frequently in conversation.

3) When you’re at home making dinner, put on a tight skirt, some heels and don’t bother wearing a top. Now just TRY taking your eyes off you. (Also make sure there’s a mirror in your kitchen.)

4) Surprise yourself in bed with lacy pajamas that you don’t remember buying.

5) Make some steamy plans for later, then text them to yourself.

6) Ask a sales clerk at a department store to spray their perfume sample right into your eyeballs, temporarily blinding you. Later that night, every time you catch a whiff you’ll be dying to know what was in that sexy scent.

7) Stay in and share a warm gooey dessert with yourself. Moaning is encouraged.

8) During a casual conversation with some unsuspecting co-worker, take your left hand and reach out with it to touch your own right hand. If it touches back, good news- you’re totally into you. Do not acknowledge the weird look from your co-worker.

9) Hold open the door for yourself as a nice gesture. Chivalry is not dead!

10) Offer to give yourself a massage. You’ll love that.

11) Don’t forget a good sense of humor! Make yourself laugh with something like “Hello, stranger” with a pronounced wink. It’s hilarious because you’re not a stranger, nor are you any good at winking.

12) Ask yourself what name besides your real one suits you. Do you look like a Rachel? Colleen? Maria, or a Charlize?  Your answer may surprise you.

13) Impress your own Mom! Once you’ve won her over she’ll put in a good word for you.

14) If you have some stray strands of hair, gently tuck them behind your ear and smooth them back into place. It’s a bold intimate move, and you won’t know what hit you.

Now go get ‘em, tiger!

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