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New Pickup Artists Get Sex By Forging Genuine Connection, Loving Women Forever

pickup artist wedding cake“There are a few easy things you can do to get pretty much any woman into bed,” Mike “SwitchBlaade” Ross began, taking the hands of his future wife at the altar of a little church in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles. “The seduction community is all about pulling tens. And building a happy life with one of those tens forever.” He and his bride each wipe a tear away at the same time. They laugh.

This touching picture has become more and more commonplace as SwitchBlaade’s new techniques infiltrate pickup artist circles. His website encourages followers to “score a hot piece” by telling them “about your childhood, learning about hers,” and “encouraging each others’ hopes and dreams.”

Many men turn to pickup artistry after an early life of romantic or sexual rejection. SwitchBlaade says he was no different, determined to take control of his life by sleeping with lots of women. He technically succeeded, but said tactics centered around using women’s low self esteem against them felt “gross, for some reason.”

“There was one final frontier, after I banged super hot women of every race, every hair color, older women, and not one but two dentists,” SwitchBlaade explains on his blog. “That final frontier was not feeling gross.”

SwitchBlaade said he felt best when he could open up about past relationships and traumas with a woman, when their relationship became a refuge from the stress and uncertainty of the rest of the world. A “hot piece” and a “ten” came to primarily center around whether he could explore this “final frontier” with her. “Then I realized the even FINALer frontier is picturing yourself with someone for 10, 20, 30 years. Do we have the same goals? Priorities? You consider all that and then you go to pound town.

Apparently, many still feel the methods are tricking unsuspecting women into having sex with SwitchBlaade, and he’s not interested in defending himself. “Pfft — gotta do what you gotta do, bro. And I gotta marry this chick.”

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