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5 LA Brunch Spots Almost Good Enough To Give Life Some Meaning

Human interaction, sunsets, and everything you’ve fought so hard for has failed to make you happy. Why not give one of these great brunch spots a shot?


french toast

If you’re lacking a sense of purpose, see if you’ll find it in the famous French toast at Annabelle’s. Spring for their indulgent extra toppings, since you’re doing plenty of running – on life’s endless race to nowhere!

Del Kogi


Existence is an endless uphill battle, but with endless sangria refills at Del Kogi! And instead of spending the weekend indoors, cartoon-binging and trying to cry in a way that doesn’t damage your laptop, wait the extra 20 minutes for a table in their adorable new outdoor space.

Sutra Cafe


Real romantic connection in this sprawling, uncaring, dusty city can seem like a laughable fantasy. But if you’re not getting any bites on Tinder, you can count on good bites at Sutra Cafe! You don’t need to pretend you don’t care to get their slow drip coffee to love you.

The Shed

table 2

If you’re going to spend $20 on eggs anywhere, you should do it at The Shed. Especially if it’s part of the check your parents sent to support dreams you’re slowly realizing may not have been very thought out. And based largely on a high school teacher who was possibly too encouraging. Or if you’re gluten-free! A real great GF menu.



When every relationship and achievement feels like a fragile, trite illusion that exists only inside your head – when you feel like a tiny, unremarkable footprint just like millions of other footprints that will be quickly forgotten and stamped away — pancakes are good. Especially at Chow.

Mercifully, your feelings of crushing insignificance will pass – but so will Chow’s $15 for $30 Groupon deal, so visit soon!  

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