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Today’s the day to comment on that girl’s profile picture

Experts agree that if there ever were a day to ramp up an acquaintanceship to a romantanceship (or even a boningtanceship), today’s the day.

Whether the young woman you’ve had your eye on is lonely or not, letting her know that you and your genitals find her appearance pleasing is likely to result in happiness, says researcher Johannes von Pickupline in his recently published paper.

“A flyby physical compliment on a profile picture is the Facebook equivalent of a shadowy-but-attractive figure calling out to her, grabbing her attention,” Johannes explains. “It’s like you’re just beyond a doorway, in a nice suit, holding an appealingly mysterious glass of wine or a flower or something. And you like her eyes, or hair, or body, and now she knows, and she’s going to think ‘ooh!’”

Johannes’ paper continues to explain that, if done right, the flyby physical comment “basically has a flourish of Spanish guitar underneath it when she reads it,” and that the same science is behind his wildly successful method he nicknamed “yelling at women from cars.”  leahandlia logo

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