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14 Photos That Will Prove They Are Just Photos

When you’re done looking at these images, you will be unable to deny that they are photos of people and things.

Rita and her flowers. You don’t know her. That’s Italy in the background because this is in Italy.


This donkey posing like a donkey.


This is the ocean.


This is kind of ominous if you read into it, which I don’t.


This looks like a free-range tent farm. It’s not though.


This is America’s really long prequel.


These things.


This fortune cookie message I got once. I don’t know what it means, I’m open to suggestions.


This really fat bird. Restoring your faith in humanity is the furthest thing from his mind.


These cherubs are actually attached to the flower pot, if that wasn’t clear.


This dog’s boring friendship with this towel.

This waterfall and how it’s not trying to take a stand against bullying.


This headstone that is not affiliated with Sweeney Todd, I checked. It just says Sweeney for no reason. Well maybe one reason.


And finally, this hot chocolate with marshmallows on top. Notice how the ketchup lurking in the background isn’t writing a beautiful message on the receipt for the waiter, nor does it plan to.


These are definitely photos! Probably not your first, and certainly not your last. leahandlia logo

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