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Young man’s Wolverine poster really ties room together

IMG_0457After collecting half a dozen button-down shirts and successfully going to the gym once a week, twenty-something-about-town Trevor decided to tackle his apartment’s interior.

“I was ready to really make my living space reflect who I am, who I’ve become in my adult life,” he explains. “And that’s why I bought this Wolverine poster.”

The purchase didn’t just reflect an important part of his personality, but was impressively savvy. “Just one cent plus shipping,” Trevor is proud to announce. He said the bargain is a marker of his increased maturity and wisdom, without sacrificing awesomeness.

The poster’s improvement to his living room was immediate, though (at the time of this publication) its exact location may change. He hasn’t yet decided whether it looks best above the couch or TV.

What’s next for Trevor, you may wonder? “I feel like I might finally feel ready to share myself with someone, like, seriously. Or I might take a cooking class or something.”   leahandlia logo

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