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4 Superfoods For Fall

If you’re sick of regular old fall non-super food, or have already scarfed down your weight in cookies and are in desperate need of some extraordinary nutritional value, here are our favorite superfoods that can help you survive the autumn season.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes

These very sweet orange tubers don’t need sugar and marshmallows to be a treat – and they’re nutritional powerhouses! Enjoy the high vitamin A, iron, and anti-inflammatory benefits, which will help you navigate soul-crushing Thanksgiving conversation with the relatives.

Benefits include:

– Thanks to vitamin A, who’ll know better than to engage your cousin about Obamacare and gun control? You will (this time)!

– You still haven’t brought a boyfriend to the holidays, but this year the iron will help you assure your grandparents you’re not gay or asexual by confidently laughing off the question instead of openly weeping into your green bean casserole.

– Anti-inflammatory compounds help you spin an unpaid internship followed by long period of unemployment into: entrepreneur. A kickass, fertile entrepreneur.



This leafy superfood is famous for a reason! High vitamin C, A, K, and manganese contents will help you keep your composure alcohol-wise at fall tailgates, holiday parties, and work holiday parties.

Benefits include:

– Vitamin C promotes the sense that you’ve grown past vomiting at any sort of stadium.

– Vitamin A promotes the sense that maybe you should write your parents a letter instead of starting an egg-nog-fueled fight about your childhood.

– Vitamin K promotes the sense that now is NOT the time to make that move on that hot assistant, Jillian.

– Manganese promotes the sense that says screw those vitamins, follow your heart, you’re an adult and can dare to make mistakes once in a while. (Watch out for manganese.)



This sour but lovable fall treat is famous for its antioxidant levels! These antioxidants can help you gracefully handle the high number of emotional/big-deal Oscar bait movies coming out this season, and all through the winter.

Benefits include:

– Antioxidants activate that part of the brain that is willing to cough up 16 bucks for a movie you should see, instead of Bad Grandpa.

– Depending on the movie, they also help you stop crying before the theater lights come up.

– Depending on the movie, they also help you sleep through it more covertly.



These plump orange squash varieties might be fun to carve up at Halloween, but their high potassium, fiber, and B vitamin content also make them great for making you better at picking out holiday presents for once.

Benefits include:

– You’ll give good gifts this year, not like that calendar full of trains your dad obviously doesn’t use. Not sure why you ever thought he’d like that.

– Potassium lowers the chance that a gift for your significant other will turn into an increasingly expensive, panicky gift-buying arms race.

– B vitamins give that needed boost to get something funny but thoughtful for the acquaintance you’re Secret Santa for in accounting.

– They also help you get all your shopping done before the postage hits a hundred dollars and you give up and send presents in January.

– You can finally bury the shame and confusion from that candle and body lotion gift basket your aunt never touched. Why didn’t you like it, aunt Tammy?? Do you not like lavender? Are we not as close as we once were?!

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