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San Francisco transforms into Gotham to fulfill boy’s wish, “We have an overwhelming number of volunteers wanting to be bad guys.”

In a heartwarming display of kindness, thousands of citizens will help to make 5-year-old Miles’ wish to be Batman come true by selflessly volunteering to be bad guys for today in San Francisco.
“The inspiring story just hit me right in the feelings,” says Bobby Woodtrain, a tall, native San Franciscan who appears to really enjoy the mask he is wearing. Woodtrain signed up to help with Miles’ wish under the “strike terror in the heart of Gotham” category. He goes on with a glint in his eye, “it’s the least I can do.”
As the story spread over the internet, people from all over the country nobly made plans to be in San Francisco and helpfully commit crimes on Miles’ special day.
“I arranged to fly into the city the night before so I could participate,” says Katherine B. Fig as she preps her getaway van. “As soon as I heard about it I saw it as the PERFECT opportunity for me to get away with— uh I mean the perfect opportunity to help out. I honestly can’t think of any other way I’d rather spend my Friday.”
The Make-A-Wish Foundation is beside itself with the outpouring of volunteers. “We actually have way more “bank robbers” and “looters” than we originally asked for,” says a bewildered but grateful Jen Wilson, the foundation’s spokeswoman. “The thing is, we don’t want to turn anyone away, so the more the merrier!”
“I think it’s really refreshing to see so many people step up like this,” says Phil Burns, a police officer in the SFPD. “I don’t see how this can possibly have a downside.”
Many say that the opportunity to make a recovering child’s day by “holding up a few banks over the course of an afternoon” is a no-brainer. Bobby goes on to explain that kids deserve the best, “and I will not rest until Miles gets a day that Gotham, no- the whole world will never be able to forget.”
Looking forward to it!

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