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Millions of Americans flock to Facebook to post clever jokes about the government shutdown because “what else CAN we do?!”


During the hours leading up to and following the U.S. government shutdown, Americans rallied in good traditional form by getting on Facebook and sharing their humorous take on the event.

Bill Thurgood, a small business owner and internet savvy American, posted, “Can you believe the government shut down after the big game last night? Hah.” When asked later about his motivation to make the joke, he replied, “It seemed like the best option. It’s what anyone else would have done.”

It turns out Thurgood was right, in that harmlessly joking about the bizarre shutdown is exactly what anyone and everyone else has done since it began. Relatives, co-workers, friends, and friends of friends posted similar jokes ranging from blaming the government hostage situation on the finale of Breaking Bad to the old favorite, “con-gress is the opposite of pro-gress, amiright?”

Jenn Reelman, an American professional tap dancer and mother of four, explained why she posted ‘I announce we’re having breakfast for dinner and the government shuts down!’ According to Reelman, “This whole thing is crazy and confusing. The country is being thrown under the bus with no end in sight in the name of one party making extreme demands.” Reelman went on to say it’s hard to know exactly what to say in this situation, “so we laugh instead.”

When asked about the possibilities of public protests or the widespread calling up of congressmen to demand an end to the nonsense, Reelman smiled and nodded, saying, “that’s the best one I’ve heard so far.” leahandlia logo

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