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USC’s interim coach can feed self, tie own shoes

orgeron“The rate of recovery, even at this point, has been staggering,” says one college football blogger. “Basic motor skills? A day in? It’s more than we could have hoped.”

And many USC fans were hoping, all right. Ever since The Accident (SC’s previous season-and-a-half long era), it was unclear whether they’d see leadership that didn’t have to be pointed in the direction of the field during games.

The blogger continues to beam about the new coach’s knowledge and command of “over one play… We don’t know much about this guy yet, but it’s like suddenly the sky’s the limit again.”

We’ll make sure to watch as this develops – but many are optimistic as, notably, the interim coach does not have fans openly wearing hate merchandise and seems able to give and respond to basic verbal commands. At this point.   leahandlia logo

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