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Life After Losing Your Virginity: Incredible Before and After Photos

Each of these photos shows the subject going about every day life when they were virgins and after they underwent the life changing experience of s-e-x. See the difference!

* indicates names have been changed.

Here’s Terry* washing dishes weeks before she lost her virginity.

virgin washing dishes

Here’s Terry washing dishes the day after she lost her virginity.

virgin washing dishes

Way to go Terry!

Here’s Dan* and Alice* walking their dog Tidbit* when all of them were virgins, including Tidbit.

virgin walking dog

And here they are after doing the deed (Tidbit’s experience was coincidental and entirely separate).

virgin walking dog

Here we have Federico* and Marbles* indulging in a pre-first sexy time nap.

virgin feet in bed

This is Federico and Marbles taking another nap at a later, sexier time. We don’t even need to tell you what’s different, because this pic says it all 😉

virgin feet in bed

This next one is a little bit famous, but here is Nancy* in a candid photo before the big event. You can tell what’s about to happen by the way she’s smiling.

virgin mona lisa

And here’s Nancy moments after. You can tell what just happened by the way she’s smiling.

virgin mona lisa

Our last guy is another famous virgin that didn’t even want to use any names at all lest anyone could guess his or his girlfriend’s true identities.

virgin edwardbella

But we CAN show you his before and after!

Here he is with the special lady friend before going all the way.


And of course here he is after, proudly showing us how many times he’s done it.

virgin the count


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