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After Buzzfeed quiz, woman comes out to family as Jesse from Full House

 “This is who I am now,” Karen Hill from Encino tearfully announced to her family at a small press conference this morning. “And I am so, so grateful to everyone who’s accepted me as I always have been inside.”

Ms. Hill, a first-time Buzzfeed test-taker, says she’s never seen Full House and is not sure who Jesse Katsopolis is. She does feel excitement, however, at adopting her new life as Mr. Katsopolis.

“My friend said try this, it’ll be fun! I found out that day she was a blonde girl named DJ,” says Ms. Hill, who blames Facebook and Buzzfeed for the “enormous hassle” that her identity-change and coming-out have been. “Now I know why people say too much time online is dangerous. What an understatement!”

Also, sadly, “not everyone was supportive,” says Ms. Hill/now Mr. Katsopolis, who leaves two cats and
an online dating profile in Encino as she heads to Los Angeles to find Bob Saget and begin some sort of frontman music career. “My parents said to come back when I’m Karen again. But, frustratingly, my brother said he always knew.”   leahandlia logo


Jesse K

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