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Coping with the loss of a hard drive


Losing a hard drive before its time can seem random, or unfair.

But it happens around us all the time, for mysterious reasons, and you’re reading this because it unfortunately just happened to you or someone you love.

Anyone who’s typed anything longer than an email into their phone knows the struggle. Anyone who last backed up their files six months ago knows the grief. Anyone who used up their last download of the software they paid for fair and square RIGHT before their machine failed for no reason knows the urge to punch randomly into the furniture around them.

You may take it out on others. You may be driven to ask “God, why would you take from me a hard drive I bought less than an effing month ago?” You may ask why Prajeet with customer support is acting like he’s never made someone cry before.

This time can seem lonely – it’s hard to find others in the same situation, because they don’t have a computer.

So. What can I do?

We can be inspired by the way children process this kind of grief – as witnessed by this drawing by Samantha, age 9, about her recent loss.

By Samantha, age 9, about her recent loss.

By Samantha, age 9, about her recent loss.

So draw it out. Talk it out. Write it out. You will experience the following stages of grief, because it is a predictable process that happens the same way for everybody:

1) Urge to punch (as discussed)

2) Yelling

3) Rage-vomiting

4) Grief (like the actual sad part)

5) Probably buying a new computer

So work through those, like a man. But mainly — resign yourself to the fact that it’s completely out of your hands… And place your total faith in Him (Prajeet).

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